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‘Ye Olde Performance: An Audience with the Horrid Sisters,’ live performance, three acts, 45 mins total, 2023.

Performed and devised and constructed by Rosa-Johan Uddoh, with Thandi Loewenson and Shola von Reinhold. Commissioned by Somerset House Studios.


A three-act live performance with collaborators Shola von Reinhold and Thandi Loewenson, playing upon the notion of ‘ye olde’, and how the notion of ‘history’ exists in popular imagination today. Inspired by ‘Poet’s Theatre’, partially scripted, partially improvised, the performance playfully collages together multiple writing styles, including a fabulated archival medieval mystery play, erotic fan-fiction about Bridgerton actor Rege Jean-Page and a historic investigation into why, even in Africa, only white people get abducted by UFOs.  Performed dressed as medieval princesses, wearing costumes and set made entirely of paper, we construct a whole cosmos where history is Black, radical and very, very silly.

Photos by Anne Tetzlaff. 

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