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Atlantic Cruises 2018-2024 ongoing

In Collaboration with Ebun Sodipo. 

Atlantic Crusies is a scripted tragicomic conversation taking place at different locations in and around the Atlantic sea between tour guides, Rosa-Johan Uddoh and Ebun Sodipo, about queerness, colonialism and slavery, and the possibilities of womanhood. We talk about our identities as they relate to specific locations and cultures.


Performed since 2018, this is performance is an ongoing conversation between Ebun and I, where each time we perform, the answers to the questions we ask and the detours we take on the fictional ‘cruise’, change as the two of us grow and think together. It is a document of friendship as well as an exploration of the various intersections of our identities.


While this started off as a fictional cruise, in this latest iteration, we actually performed Atlantic Cruises on a cruise ship as it moved through the Norwegian fjords.

Photos by Johanne Karlsrud courtesy of Bergen Kunsthall

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