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Two extracts from 'Black Poirot', 2019-2021. Total duration: 20 mins. 

Black Poirot is a 20 minute ride on the Orientalised- Other Express, investigating a crime no one can remember, an internalized struggle with latent respectability politics, and featuring a special guest appearance from Edouard Glissant in the role that could have defined him.

Video and sound work, 20 mins approx. 

With sound mix by Joseph Namy. 

Images here are from 'Brand New Heavies', a three person show at Pioneer Works, New York. Curated by Mickalene Thomas and Racquel Chevremont (Deux Femmes Noir). 

'Black Poirot' was first shown at Black Tower Projects, London. Curated by Phil Serfaty. 

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