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Una's Voice is a sound work exploring the legacy of Una Marson, Black feminist, poet, playwright, journalist and first Black producer at the BBC. This work was the result of a residency at The Bower, a gallery based in Brunswick Park, Camberwell, the small and beautiful park on which Una Marson used to live.


It's part of a deeply personal, long term research project, where I have tried to reintroduce Una Marson's forgotten legacy, and reignite conversations around Black feminism, mental health, representation and respectability politics, that are so relevant today.

The sound work was recorded in and around The Bower in collaboration with an intergenerational group of people from the Caribbean diaspora living in England, including some of Una's relatives. 

This work is currently available free online here ^, for you to walk around Brunswick Park, Southwark Park or a park near you, wherever you are, and contemplate Una's voice and its legacy.


It accompanies 'She is Still Alive!' - four flags currently installed in Brunswick and Southwark Park, and risograph prints available via The Bower website or shop.

Una’s Voice script [PDF]
Una’s Voice exhibition pamphlet [PDF]

Rosa-Johan Uddoh and The Bower would like to give special thanks to the following participants who responded to a call out for Caribbean voices and generously shared their time and experiences:

Louis Brown, Tashan Leah Campbell, Cherri Caradonna, Nailah Cave, Juice Cielto, Courtney Conrad, Tara Jerome-Bernabé, Nicole-Rachelle Moore, Maureen Moseley, Rasheeda Dika Ndema, Michael Smith, Marcia Walters, Tiffany Wellington, Greer Westmaas.


Sound recording and editing: John Brown

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Rosa-Johan Uddoh, She is Still Alive! at Southwark Park Galleries, London (2022) © the artist. Photo © Mischa Haller

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