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Baby's first book! 

'Practice Makes Perfect' focuses on themes of radical self-love, inspired by black feminist practice and writing. The book comprises a collection of experimental writing for performance, each aiming to trouble how a particular character in popular culture performs (and produces) Black British identity. Including scripts, lyric sheets, stories and stickers, the reader is encouraged to insert their own experiences and interpretations, in their head or through live performances of their own.


Drawn from, and a part of, Uddoh’s 2021 exhibition at Focal Point Gallery, Practice Makes Perfect is Co-published by Book Works and Focal Point Gallery as part of their Co-Series, in association with The Bluecoat and The Bower (2022).


Edited by Lizzie Homersham and Gavin Everall. 

Designed by Rose Nordin

With funding from Arts Council England. 

Published 13th July 2022. 

Now available to purchase HERE

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